What happens if I die without a will?

If there is one thing in life you want to spare the relatives staying behind it is to die without a will. This can become a nightmare for them. It is quite technical but in short if one dies without a will there is a intestate law that decide how the assets in the estate must be divided. This could mean that your wishes will not be met as the law does not always divide the assets in the way you would want your assets to be divided. There having a will is of extreme importance and it makes the process after death much easier and quicker.

Where do I start if I want to do a financial plan?

Firstly, phone us and make an appointment with one of our financial advisors. On the first meeting we will gather all the information needed to prepare the financial plan. There after we will follow the process to satisfied your personal needs.

What is the cost involved for doing a financial plan?

We are a fee based practice. The first appointment is free and thereafter we charge a fee. The cost of financial plan is incorporated in the commission received from the product provider but the client is contracted if the policy is cancelled within 24 months he will be liable for the full amount payable for the implementation of the plan.

On the investment side we charge an initial fee to cover the cost of the plan and an annual management fee on the investment.

The short term insurance works only on a commission based approach. We earn when you pay.

For more information regarding the fees contact our financial advisors.

How do I know what the value of my house contents is?

There is no easy way in finding out what the value of your house contents is. The best way is to complete an inventory list and make sure you know what the value is. Give this to your insurer to make sure they also understand how you get to the amount. This is the only way to make sure you are not under or over insured. Here is an inventory list.

When must I start saving for my retirement?

You can never start saving too early for your retirement. In fact the best present any parent can give a child is to start a retirement annuity when your child is born for minimum premium and pay that until he is 18. He can thereafter decides if he wants to continue with it or not. Obviously the sooner he continues with it the better he will be able to retire. A person starting with an RA at the age of 21 will never be able to catch this child even if he does not continue with the RA due to the effect of compound interest.

So youngsters, start with that RA right now!!!

When is enough savings, enough?

Well, when will it ever be enough. It is in our nature when we earn more we upgrade our lifestyle instead of saving more and when we get to retirement we become part of the statistics of not being able to retire. One will never be able to save enough for retirement. The more you save the better life you will be able to live when it matters. When you have the time to enjoy it with your partner and even your grown kids then you will have the money to spent it and build memories for life. Save, save, save!!