WL Financial Services was incorporated in 2001 and is a specialist financial planning services company. It is a family owned company with a service driven approach.

Our core competencies are, Death and Disability planning, Retirement planningInvestment planningEstate planning and all fields of Short-term insurance.

With an investment plan it is our objective to reach your realistic calculated goal. Therefore we manage your goal and not market performance. To achieve that we are in strategic partnership with Amity Wealth Pty Ltd. They are an independent investment advisor assistant.

It is governments aim to make sure that all employees have sufficient pension funds & group benefit insurance. Signs are already there that law will force all employers to provide pension funds & group benefit insurance to all employees. This will relieve the burden on government to look after retired pensioners.

Be pro-active and implement your employee benefits before law force you to join an undesirable fund.

Complete the spreadsheet with all your employees details and phone us to help you create the best employee benefit scheme for your needs.

We are financial planners and not product sellers! We use life insuranceas one of the solutions to our estate planning problems and not as the only solution.

We do a complete estate plan to make sure that our clients will have peace of mind once the plan is implemented. Estate planning is one of the most complex parts of the holistic financial planning process and we commit ourselves to stay on top of the latest changes in estate planning law. Monitoring the plan is crucial as the law changes forces us to make frequent changes to the plan.

This is our absolute passion! What can be more fulfilling than to help someone plan for a peaceful retirement. This is the ultimate we are all working for. Retirement planning and investments goes hand-in-hand. The most important aspect of both is time. The more time we have the easier it is to get to your goals to make sure you will have the retirement you dream of.

Our simplistic way of insurance is not cost driven but focus on sufficient cover with added benefits for the individuals specific need. Should you claim, we are the visible man who strives to ease your claims process.

For this call, Contact Johan:

Office: 013 755 1225

Cell: 082 305 0052

Email: johan.lombard@sfpadvice.co.za